The 7 Richest Countries in the world

Fri 7 July 2023


A nation of just 5 million inhabitants, the Republic of Ireland was one of the hardest hit by the 2008 financial crisis. 


You can visit Luxembourg for its castles and beautiful countryside, its cultural festivals or gastronomic specialties. 


The richest person living in Singapore is the founder of the medical equipment firm Mindray, Li Xiting, whose net worth is estimated at $15.6 billion. 


Still, Qatar's oil, gas and petrochemical reserves are so large and its population so small—just 3 million

Macao SAR

Just a few years ago, many were betting that the Las Vegas of Asia was on its way to becoming the richest nation in the world. 

United Arab Emirate

Agriculture, fishing and trading pearls: these used to be the economic mainstays of this Persian Gulf nation.


White chocolate, the bobsleigh, the Swiss Army knife, the computer mouse, the immersion blender, velcro, and LSD

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